Why Has GOD Created Man?

God said: ‘Let there be light.’ And there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.

Genesis 1:3

Let us shed some light on the question why has God created man? for the next few minutes let us together examine this question in detail and perhaps we might conclude that the right question is, why has Man created God?

Out of the 7.2 Billion people in 2012, 6 Billion, 84% of Humanity has identified itself with some kind of Belief system. Throughout the history all around the world man has built gigantic and extravagant structures with meticulous details dedicated to a supreme being. Man has fought and continues to fight fiercely violent and bloody wars to save the “Truth”, the word of GOD. Man has taken up the responsibility of protecting GOD from the disbelievers. The transfer of traditions, rituals and beliefs to the offspring ensures the persistence of the phenomenon called GOD.

Sacred symbols of major religions

The concept of God is a clever trick played by the human mind and possibly the greatest trick of all time. The illusion is so good that we humans, might have outfoxed ourselves with this trick and it is rather incredibly difficult to see through this trick.

Fear plays a pivotal role in understanding the nature and structure of this trick. Our success as a species is mainly attributed to the evolution of our brain. Fear has played a major role in helping us avert potentially life threating situations and thereby guaranteeing the survival of mankind. But the nature of fear is such that the rational and logical functions of the brain are taken over for the short period to act quickly without losing the valuable time in risk assessment before acting. The few seconds saved could be the difference between a person being alive or ending up dead. But the same mechanism will impede decision making and normal functioning of the brain when it is in constant fear.

The fear of death, the fear of uncertainty, the fear of being insignificant, the fear of unknown, the fear of the future, the fear of loneliness, the fear of being powerless, can only disappear if there is absolute security. This absolute security can only be provided by the one with unlimited and infinite power (Omnipotence), one who is all-knowing (Omniscience) and one who is everywhere and always there (Omnipresence). A man in distress seeking help then submits himself prostrating to this concept asking to be saved. In classical Fight or Flight response, going to a synagogue, mosque, church, temple is the flight of man from fear.

Man has therefore created a concept for himself which gives him solace during distress and sadness, security in uncertainty and hope in despair. Challenging or confronting this concept of God would instill the fear of losing the absolute security to which the mind has been holding onto all these years and as discussed above the logical and rational functions of the brain are dampened, the person immediately acts and would got to any extent to protect the concept and ideology. Even if it means indulging in inhumane and violent acts.

Would you, the reader challenge your own beliefs and ideologies?